PB Ultimate Suite contains a wide range of UI controls to help you update and extend the look and feel of your PowerBuilder applications.


Modernize the Look and Feel of Your Application

PowerBuilder Ultimate Suite offers a wide range of UI controls to help you change the look of your PowerBuilder application. All controls are written in pure PowerScript so it's easy to change the look and behavior of the controls to suit your needs.


Take Control of Your User Interface

Improve User Experience with a modern UI, enriched with new controls and new ways of navigating within your application.


Design Your Controls with Full Power

The PBUS UI Designer helps you visually setup controls so you can get up and running as quick as possible. Choose a theme, select options, and generate PowerBuilder code automatically.


21 custom UI controls built to enrich and beautify your PowerBuilder application.


A ribbon style menu that replaces your traditional PowerBuilder menu. Give your users a ribbon style UI.

PowerMenu reads data directly from your PB Menu. With a few tweaks to your existing PB menu you can:

  • Group relevant functions into tabs.
  • Expose more functionality to your users.
  • Move common functions to the Program Tab menu.
  • Organize your menu items with large and small icons or use a drop down menu.
  • Add frequently used functions to a quick access toolbar.
  • Allow users to collapse ribbon to maximize screen size.


PowerDock is a tabbed document interface used to replace PowerBuilder's traditional MDI frame window. It gives users a tabbed interface to navigate between open windows. Additionally, it allows you to dock and pin commonly used functions to the top, bottom, left, or right sides of the window.

Other features include:

  • Floating document tabs.
  • Dynamically change a dock panels size and pinned\unpinned state.
  • Trigger events on the active document or all documents.
  • Like the dock panel but prefer MDI? Use traditional MDI instead of the tabbed document interface.

Navigation Controls

The Outlook Style Bar is meant to duplicate the look and behavior of the navigation control commonly found in Outlook.

Windows Style Bar duplicates the look and behavior of the listbar commonly found in Windows applications such as the Control Panel. Items are grouped together in lists that can be expanded or collapsed.

The Button Listbar provides users with a list of options that they can select. Each option is represented by a button. There are a variety of different styles to choose from.

Navigation Controls


PowerTiles is a Windows tiles control that can be used for better navigation within your application. The design is responsive which means the layout will adjust to the size of the container that it's in (when resized by the container).

Use this control to quickly present users with core options and functionality available in your application.


PowerModal allows you to display any window as a modal window, with a faded overlay. The faded overlay brings attention to your modal window while giving your users an indication that your application is in a holding state until it receives input.



PowerMessage is a new way to display messages to users. It replaces the traditional PowerBuilder MessageBox function, offering a more modern look and feel. The API for PowerMessage closely lines up with the MessageBox function which makes it super easy to make the switch.

Command Buttons

Ever wish you can give your command buttons an icon and a bit more color? Now you can. When you place this command button on your window, you'll see that in the IDE it appears as a normal PowerBuilder command button. However, you'll notice that you now have a few extra properties that you can set.

  • TipText - Allows you to add tip text to the button.
  • VisualStyle - Default is 1 (see image below), valid values are 1-5. Try them out to see which one you like best.
  • Ellipsis - If the text is too long for the button, an ellipsis will appear.
  • Theme - Default is Classic, valid options are BLUE, SILVER, OLIVE, CLASSIC, and BLACK.
  • IconName - This can be an image file or a PB icon (e.g. Save!).
  • HTextAlign - Default is Center!, valid options are Left!, Center!, and Right!
PB Command Button
PB Command Button
Toggle Buttons


PowerBuilder Ultimate Suite comes with a variety of extras to help you extend the functionality of your application.

Here are some of the controls available to you:

  • PowerToast - Display toast notifications on the desktop to alert users to something that requires their attention.
  • DWNav - Simple strip of buttons used to navigate the rows of your datawindow.
  • PowerCalc - A responsive calculator control.
  • Properties Grid - Display a list of properties and values. Choose from many property types such as Image, Color, Lists, and Checkboxes.
  • Query Builder - A graphical SQL generator much like the one found in the Datawindow.
  • Tab Control - Replace your old PowerBuilder tab control with the PBUS tab control to give your applications an instant facelift.
  • Toggle Button - A button with two states, on or off.
  • Toolbar - Place a toolbar on any of your windows or userobjects.
  • XP Header - Visually appealing way to display title text with images.

Dozens of Built in Themes and Styles

PowerBuilder Ultimate Suite offers theme support for each control. Choose from a wide range of colors or styles. Many of the individual controls also support their own unique styles giving you many more options when designing your UI.

Pre-built color themes include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Classic
  • Olive
  • Silver
  • Windows 10 Black
  • Windows 10 Blue
  • Windows 10 Olive
  • Windows 10 Silver


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